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How fast is your order going to be delivered ?
What do we do with your data ?
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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.


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+ Who are we ?

+ Quickstart : How do I place my first order at pharma2go ?

+ Manage my account ?

+ Products and inventory ?

+ Orders ?

+ Payment ?

+ Delivery ?

+ What happens to my personal information ?



Questions and answers by topic :

+Quickstart : How do I place my first order ?


 1. Create an account and login to our site.


Go to the homepage and choose "My Account".
Then create a new account.
After completing this procedure, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your subscription.


2. Find and add products to my cart.


Let our categories (left on the home page), themes, promotions, ... help you or "Search the entire store" making use of the field in the upper right corner.
If you have found your product you can add it to cour cart by clicking the icon "Buy this product".



3. Overview of my order.



If you log in, you can use the menu "My Account" to have an overview of your order.



4. Method of delivery.



At present shipping is only possible to a shipping address of your choice. In the future this will be extended tot the post points of Bpost (including those in department stores) and their pick up machines



5. Payment.



Click on the icon "Checkout" in the cart and follow the procedure.



6. Confirmation of your order.



After completing your payment you will automatically receive an confirmation email.



+Manage my account ?


1. What if I forgot my password ?


Go to "My account" and select "Forgot Your Password" or use the link below :


Forgot Your Password ?


2. How can I change my account information ?


Log into the site with your email and password and then select "Account Information" (left on the page under "My Account").


3. How can I change the delivery address for the next delivery?


With every new order you have the option tho choose a different delivery address.

When starting the checkout process you will first be asked for your shipping information.
You also have the option to choose a different billing address and to change both again (top right on the next page).


4. How can I change my email address associated with my account ?


Log into the site via the home page and then choose "Account information" (on the left side under "My account").
In the subsequent menu you have the possiblity to change you email address.


5. How do I unsubscribe ?


In each newsletter you will find a link below to unsubscribe electronically.


6. How can I unsubscribe from the site ?


To do this you must inform us in writing or by email. We will then delete your data from our customer base.





+Products and inventory ?


1. How can I find a product and add it to my cart ?


There are several ways to find your product.


(Search by category for your product (they contain the most frequently sold products).


Use the general search field "Search entire store" on the right upper corner of the home page by inserting the name, a part of it or even the the product code of you article. After this query you have the opportunity to refine your search.


2. How do I know if af product is available or not ?


Our product database is regularly updated. Only the references that are still officially on the market will be displayed in a search. In 99% of the cases our wholesalers have these products in stock and therefore supply cannot be a problem. However, if there should be a supply problem with a product that you have ordered we will contact you to inform you about this and should you wish this draw the amount as soon as possible back into your account..


3. Why can't I find my product ?


You have entered wrong information in your search. Please try again with a shorter or different write.


The delivery of the desired product is to uncertain or your product is no longer available.


Your product is not registered in Belgium.


4. Can you inform me when a product is available again ?


If according to our wholesalers your desired products is soon to be available again, we will inform you about this with great pleasure. However, if they cannot give us a specific date on future delivery unfortunately it then is impossible for us to follow up your product and inform you when it is available again.


5. Why is the order quantity by product limited ?


At pharma2go we apply the priciple of medical care. Therefore we do not sell more than 5 units per order of the same drug.


6. Why is there no additional information for certain products (leaflets) ?


We will do everything possible to make our database as complete as possible and this with the latest information. Unfortunately we are partly dependent on the information that we are provided with by the laboratories and our suppliers.
For food supplements and cosmetics the presence of a leaflet is not a legal requirement.


7. Why are prescription drugs nog sold online ?


Currently the Belgian law forbids the online sales of prescription drugs. For this we you advice at present to visit your traditional pharmacist.



+Orders ?


 1. How can I place my first order at pharma2go ?




2. Can I use a different way to order then online ?


Unfortunately it is not possible to order in any other way then online. As the order and payment procedure are automated they can only be processed online through the website.


3. Can I see the history of my previous purchases ?


When logged into our site you fill find under "My account" on the left the possibility to view your previous purchases by clicking on "My Orders".


4. Can I store some products in the memory (for possible purchase later) ?


Yes you can do this by adding products to "My shopping list". Later on you can consult this list to order these products.


5. Can I get an invoice of my purchases ?


The parcell, sent from the pharmacy contains a note of delivery. Please contact us if you would like an invoice. This will then be mailed to you. Please make sure to mention your name and order number.




6. Can I change or cancel my order before it has been sent ?


Yes, in that case you can make changes or cancel your order provided that the package has not been transferred to our carrier.

If you would like to add an additional product, please get in touch with us. Did you transfer you total order a second time, notify us in time so we can cancel your initial order so you do not receive this order twice and we can transfer the amount of your premilinary order back into your account.


7. Can I return my order ?


Legally it is not allowed to take back medication or baby milk.


For other products :


If upon receipt certain products of your order should not meet your expectations, you can return them to this address


Pharma2go - Pharmacy Parc Astrid
Rue Docteur Jacobs, 88 (Rond Point du Meir)
1070 Brussels


You have a period of 14 calender days from receipt of the ordered products to return them to us. We will refund you the products with the exception of the shipping costs (unless the fault is due to us).


This/these product(s) must be returned in its orginal packaging, unopened, together with any accessories (such as manuals and documentation) and a copy of the delivery note.



+Payment ?


1. What are the payment methods available at pharma2go ?


For your payment we offer the following possibilities :


  • Paypal
  • Bancontact
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Dexia Direct
  • ING Home Pay
  • KBC Pay Button


Since our ordering and payment system is fully automated, you can not pay with a traditional bank transfer or at the moment of receipt of your order.


2. Is it safe to pay over the internet ?


Regardless of the payment method you choose, your payment is processed under the highest security standards of our partner Ogone. All your data is fully encrypted and perfectly secured. More information can be found on the website of Ogone.


3. Do you know my bank information ?


There is no bank information transferred to pharma2go. Only the payment agreement is communicated to us by Ogone (European leader for secured online payments).



+Delivery ?


  1. What are the shippings costs and delivery times ?
To which countries do you send the products on your site ?


The following table provides an overview of the shipping costs, delivery times and possible destinations. We charge € 2 extra for delivery on Saturday.

Country< € 15< € 50> € 50freeDelivery Time
Belgium € 3.90 € 1.85 € 0.99 € 70 D+1
Germany € 8.47 € 4.85 € 3.99 € 70 D+3
France € 10.15 € 7.35 € 5 € 70 D+3
Great Britain € 14.23 € 12.18 € 11.32 € 135 D+3
Luxembourg € 10.31 € 8.26 € 3.85 € 70 D+2
Netherlands € 7.63 € 3.85 € 2.99 € 70 D+2
Bulgaria € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+7
Cyprus € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+4
Denmark € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+3
Estonia € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+5
Finland € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+5
Greece € 24.26 € 22.21 € 21.35 € 295 D+3
Hungary € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+4
Ireland € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+6
Italy € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+3
Latvia € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+5
Lithuania € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+4
Malta € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+3
Austria € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+3
Poland € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+5
Portugal € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+4
Romania € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+4
Slovenia € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+3
Slovakia € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+4
Spain € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+6
Czech Republic € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+4
Sweden € 20.26 € 18.21 € 17.35 € 295 D+4
Croatia €20.26 €18.21 €17.35 € 295 D+4


* For delivery times you must take into account working days.


Specially for Belgium :


  • Orders passed from Monday to Thursday 12.00h
    are in 90% of the case delivered to you the next working day.
  • Orders received on Friday before 12.00h are delivered maandag geleverd.
  • Orders placed on Friday after 12.00h, will be delivered Tuesday


2. How can I track my order online ?


After passing your order you will receive a message with the unique tracking number and the link to the site ob Bpost for monitoring your shipment.

You can also login on our site and under "My Order" track your order or make use of the link below..


Track & trace


3. What should I do if my shipment is damaged ?


If your package appears damaged upon receipt please reject this immediately at that moment and notify us so we can take appropriate action. If you find that the contect was damaged upon receipt we ask you to store the packaging and the products and ask you to take pictures to prove the problem. Without these we can't do anything. Then contact us, discribe the problem and mail us the pictures




4. What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery ?


Bpost, our partner, will offer the package 3 x. If you are not present the first time the package will be automatically presented a second time the next day
If you are not present a message will be left in your mailbox. Thes message explains how to contact Bpost to schedule togehter with them a new delivery. Should you forget to react on this message, Bpost will send you a mail or SMS after 5 days.
Your parcell will be stored 15 days at the nearest post office.


5. Can I have my order delivered to an address other than my home address ?


It is no problem sending your order to a address different than your home address. You just need to enter the desired shipping address at the moment of payment. Just remember to choose an address (office, family, friends, ....) were someone (an adult) is present during office hours to receive your package.



+What happens to my personal information ?


We retain only the information necessary to identify, contact you or offer you a more personalized service. From our professional clients we also store the billing information.


Regardless of the payment method you choose, your payment is processed under the highest security standards of our partner Ogone. There is no bank information transferred to pharma2go. All your data is fully encrypted and perfectly secured. More information can be found on the website of Ogone.